Monday, 10 November 2014

My stamp space - the story so far

I shared how I like to create in my Creative blog hop post, so I thought you might like to see where I create too. Normally this would be the last thing I'd blog about, but thanks to a new shelf, lots of re-arranging & a guest coming to stay in the room, a tidy miracle occurred so I took some pics to celebrate.
I'm so fortunate to have a lovely, light space of my own to create in. It's been re-arranged many times over the years & still needs more sorting & culling, but the set up suits how I like to work. I'm a very messy creator so it probably won't look this tidy for long (as anyone who's been in there will tell you), but I hope sharing it here may help someone trying to work out what they'd like to do in their own space. So, enough talk... this is my desk area (click on pics for bigger images).
Most of my furniture & storage is by those amazing Swedes at Ikea, including my most recent purchase - a Ikea Kallax cube shelf. This helps me keep my most used & newest goodies nearby & has a happy little shelf to display some things that make me smile.

What's working for me?
- Cardstock  & DSP - I have a pack of white, vanilla & crumb cake card, plus a couple of sheets of each colour cardstock within arms reach, divided by SU colour collection. Card packs live on my bookcase shelves. I store 12x12 paper & other packs in zip lock bags here too.
- Card scraps live in the pink tray box - a tray for each SU colour collection.
- Blendabilities markers live above the scrap box. I unboxed them & made some quick dividers to separate colour groups. Not perfect, but so far so good.
- My Project Life albums & cards live here too.... although they're spread out on my Big Shot table at the moment - yay! Actually, the Big Shots don't usually live where they're shown - the room was doubling as a guest room when I took the pics.
Under the desk are two narrow Ikea Helmer drawer units, which are brilliant to hold tools & accessories I use often but don't want to see. Here are a couple of open drawers showing my SU markers (in clear stamp cases) & ribbons.
I keep my paper trimmers in the narrow space between the desk & drawers.
My SU ink pad colour caddy lives on the desk within easy reach. My trusty laptop is often found on the right side of the desk (& not just so I can watch-listen to Sherlock while creating).
Who knew I had this much desk space? It usually gets smaller & smaller while I'm making something until I HAVE to clean up... to start on a new mess :-) I always have SU grid paper on my mat (it really helps me stamp straight). My SU stamp blocks are in front of me in 2 recycled boxes (thanks Apple!). I have lots of blocks for easy class sharing & because I'm a very impatient stamper.
My essential tools & adhesives are in little coloured pots - the colours just make me happy.
Most of my other stamps, punches, Big Shot dies, card & paper packs, crafty publications etc live on my brilliant, ancient Billy Bookcases (arguably Ikea's best product ever!). They hold tons, are so strong & have adjustable shelves. These babies are over 20 years old & still going strong!
Bookcase what's what?
- A4 card packs - in magazine holders - in SU colour collections.
- Big Shot dies - in Ikea clear boxes (sadly no longer available).
- Punches, envelopes, spare supplies etc - in white Ikea Kassett boxes.
  Fave box storage tip - store lid under the box for easy access without moving the box off the shelf.
- Retired ribbons are in the kraft DVD storage boxes with coloured circles - I have way too much ribbon!
I've cunningly hidden the bottom shelf from the pic - it has lots of stuff to be sorted out in front of it (shocking I know).

Comfort & company
Lastly, I have this super comfy lounge (evidenced by puppy Jaz sleeping happily/keeping me company on it). I lucked out thanks to our sofa bed being too wide to fit the space. There's also a Billy bookcase filled with books beside it. I love the beautiful crossstitch on the wall, made by a dear friend.

Well that little tour took longer than I thought. Hopefully you haven't fallen asleep & may have seen some ideas to try in your space. If you have any questions about anything, just leave me a comment.
Back soon with some Christmassy projects - about time I know :-)
Inky wishes, Di


Sharnee Torrents said...

Your room looks wonderful dear Di!! HOw fabbo to have everything soo organized again!! I soo know what you mean about having that much roo, it's amazing what little space we can work in!! Hee he!! Enjoy it all lovely, and thanks for sharing!! Oh and I love that little blue whale I spotted there too!!
Smiles SHarnee :)

Rene from OZ x said...

Your craft room is great Di, my opinion is...if you have a tidy craft room you are not a real crafter and that one should only clean up when you can't find stuff you need to use!!
Rene from OZ xo

ColourmehappyDi said...

Thanks lovely Sharnee. It feels really good to be in there now.
I couldn't resist the little whale when I saw him at a great handmade market in Thailand this year.
Hugs, Di

ColourmehappyDi said...

Lol, Rene, Lets say it looks more like a real crafters room now. I will def remember your motto when someone points out how messy it looks too.
Inky wishes, Di