Monday 25 May 2015

Sheltering Tree pop up book card & template

I love to make special cards for the Mums, Grandmas & all the other special mum-like ladies in our lives & fancy fold cards are top of the list to make them extra special. So for this year's Mother's Day class we made a new to me fancy fold called a pop-up book card. The card looks pretty normal from the outside (albeit a quite large 14cm x 14cm front)...
...but open it up & up & you'll see why it's called a pop up book card. I used a surprising colour combination of so saffron, calypso coral & real red for the blossoms for this one (try it!).
A little tip on layering the blossoms - stamp the first layer in so saffron, ink up in calypso coral & turn the stamp upside down before stamping so the blossoms look nicely random. Then, use the small blossom stamp to add a touch of real red. Easy! You might notice I carried the scene over to the side panels too. Big thanks to Cheryl Algie for inspiring me to use Sheltering Tree after she shared a pretty pink version on a demo group (sadly not on her blog yet).
Here's a combined pic showing all the views for you to save and pin.

Make your own using A4 or 8-1/2 x 11in card
My card size was adapted from this beautiful card & tutorial shared by Deb Valder. Thanks so much, Deb! The basic card is made of just 2 pieces - the front which is just scored in the middle as usual, & the pop-out book insert, which is a little smaller. The pop-out insert is cut, scored & folded then partially attached to the base, leaving the pop out sections free.
Deb's tutorial uses 12x12 inch card. I adapted these to make a slightly smaller version using A4 card (& 8-1/2 x 11 inch too). This works better for me as it's what I & many of my papercrafting lovelies mainly use. Good news - I'm sharing my templates with you too.

My cutting & scoring templates
I've made two templates - one in centimetres for metric gals like me & one in inches. Each list the size pieces to cut & the all important pop-out insert cuts & scores.
If you haven't tried making this type of card before, I'd suggest you watch Deb's tutorial first to get the hang of the method, then you can follow the same steps using my measurements. It looks a bit tricky but is really just 2 cuts & some scorelines.
Note: the overall cm & inch measurements are ever-so- slightly different as I wanted to make sure they were as simple as possible to follow. As I mentioned before, they both fit standard A4 or 8-1/2x11 card.:

Download Tips: Click on the template name or pic below & the pdf document will open. Then, simply click the download button (arrow with line below it) & you can save the document to your computer.
Please don't right click the image to save as that will just save the small jpg image.

Thanks for visiting, today. I think that's all I need to share to help you make your own version, but please leave a comment if you have any questions or just like my project & click on the links below to see what I used in more detail or order the supplies.
Inky wishes, Di


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Patrice said...

Wow, Di! This is amazing. Thank you for readily sharing your tips and tutorials. xox

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cool idea! Thank you for sharing. This will be on my inspiration blog post

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Beautiful card! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing the template.

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Love this idea. Thanks so much for sharing.