Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Hinged sampler for your Stampin' Blends markers

Just popping in quickly to share another fun & useful way to use my Stampin' Blends colour chart shared in this post. The chart has been really popular and I'm so happy you're finding it useful.

To make this sampler, just print the colour chart on thick whisper white card, cut up and put on a hinged ring. Being on the ring makes it really easy to compare colours & find new combinations.

This came about by one of those happy accidents that spark a new idea. I'd printed & coloured a draft of the colour chart, then moved the colours around on my final version.  I didn't want to waste the chart then I thought of my cardstock sampler and chopped up the colours.

This is the original coloured chart:

Aust-NZ, USA, Canadian (English & French) & 
European versions (UK, French, German & Dutch are available.

EDIT 10 June 2019 - See updated chart here in this post

Thanks for visiting today & thanks again for your interest in my charts. Remember to pin them to help you find future updates.

Happy stamping & inky wishes

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Lillybet said...

DI this is so fabulous. thanks so much for sharing so generously. I am so grateful.

Diane said...

This is wonderful! Thank you for making this available.